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Welcome to the Kat Taylor Art website!

I am happy that you have dropped in to experience the sculpture I am creating here in Seattle, WA.  The Gallery section will allow you to view both past and emerging bodies of work, and if you’d like to learn a bit about my involvement with clay and sculpture, check the Kat and Clay section.

My twenty years of work in clay has included periods of study with some of the giants of current American sculpture:  Peter King [architectural scale ceramics]; Paulo Lucchesi; Eugene Daub; and Peter van den Berge.  My work has shown in Tucson, Seattle, and the San Juan Islands, and is in collections in the US, Canada, and the Lambiel Museum of NW Art.

Each of the images that I sculpt in clay appears in my mind’s eye, sort of “asking” to be seen. My job, as I see it, is to bring each image into actual clay form, the best I am able. This website is proving to be another great way to share the images with the world…so: Thank you for visiting. If you like what you see, tell your friends, and come back again! If you'd like to be added to my email announcement list, please contact me.




In response to requests, Kat has produced a limited-edition set of 24 Contemplation Cards, featuring the images and writings from her first two calendars.  Some use the cards as part of their daily meditation, or as a stimulus to reflective writing. 

Card sets can be ordered on this website, all prices include shipping within the US.  Persons from Europe or Canada wishing to order, should contact us through this website for exact shipping charges.

All of Kat's proceeds from the set of 24 Contemplation Cards will be donated to the Emergency Feeding Program of Seattle.

Contemplation Cards

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